My Services

I want to help you achieve your goals through my services! Here is what I can offer you to help you achieve them.


Web Development

Create stunning websites for your business


Graphic Design

If you can imagine it, then I can make it for you


Social Media Marketing

Increase your business using social media like facebook, instagram, etc



Make a shopping page for you, complete with a payment processor


Email Marketing

Set up a subscription to receive your emails



(Search Engine Optimization) Google will be more likely to recognize you and put you up at the top



Get clicks on a specific button through testing


Crowd Funding

Raise funds and awareness about your product


Video Marketing

Engage people with the right type of video for your business


Using my Services

Whether you need all of these or only one, that is fine. First of all, I can adapt to your wants and needs. Everything I do will be customized to your brand and unique for your company. Since I am making this specifically for you, you don't need to worry about looking the same as someone else. While it may not start out perfectly, I will make sure that the finished product is something that you are satisfied with.

If you would like to see my work, you are welcome to check it out on my portfolio page. I have made things for varying brands, so I can make something for yours as well.

Throughout college, I have had the opportunity to work with very different organizations. Sock companies, online money transferring companies, chefs, limousine businesses, and anti-harassment campaigns. Surely, I can work with you as well.