My Work

These are samples of my work that includes websites, posters, graphics, and logos.







Video Marketing

Here is a fun little promotional video I made for Antique Limo of Utah in 2015 only using my phone as a camera and editor. (I now have much better resources).

This is an interview about prevention of sexual violence that I edited and put together for Safer Utah.

Hear the emotional story of how Antique Limousine Service of Utah started their business. This video was planned, recorded, edited, and published by me.

An ad created for VIP Limousine Service.

I enjoyed making each of these and I do feel that I put my heart and soul into my work.

If you like my work and are looking for something like this, then please let me know. We will set up a free consultation for you.



“Brianna’s work is exceptional and her ability to pace herself through a project keeps every project on target. Her professionalism on my project went above and beyond expectations.”
- Dina Nielsen, Director Student Services/Financial, Davis Technical College

"You are so good at what you do. I love it, it's perfect."
- Ryan Hunter, DJ gumDropz

"This is absolutely amazing"
- Marcus Miller, Grime Art Commission

"Thank you for EVERYTHING!"
- Vickie DeWaal, Cars That Care Foundation