About Me


Let me tell you about myself. I’m a Utahn who loves God, going on adventures, and trying new things. I love to sing, dance, play games and play instruments. Currently, I am studying digital media design at the Latter-Day Saint Business College and at the Davis Technical College. There, I have learned social media marketing, graphic design, and web development. Through school, I have been assigned to work with various companies. As a result, I am a marketing intern for a campaign against sexual violence. Finally, I coach two limousine companies on how to improve their marketing efforts and I create content for them. In addition to all of the things that I do, I want to serve you.

About My Work Experience

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The first job I ever got was working at Best Buy. At first I worked in mobile sales, then I worked in the warehouse. Prior to working there, I was fairly shy and out of shape. As a result, this made me outgoing and energetic. Consequently, this prepared me to serve a mission in Chile for my church. When I came home, I immediately started working at RC Willey. While working at RC Willey, I have been a cashier, a customer service representative, and now an electronics sales associate. Because of the dinosaur system we use there, it has eased the difficulty of learning how to code.

My father owns a limousine business with a 1936 Cadillac. Because of what I have been studying, he always involves me in his business decisions. I help him and give him suggestions on how to improve his marketing. One day we had a business meeting with VIP Limousine. In conclusion to our meeting, we decided to work together and to promote each other. Now, I help both companies with social media marketing and content creation.

My latest project has been one of the most important and meaningful to me. At Davis Technical College they offered me a marketing internship for a campaign against sexual violence. I’ve learned so much and really feel that my work will be able to help someone out. There, I’ve created a logo, website, posters and signs to further knowledge of this issue. Most importantly, to help people know what to do, where to get help, and how to prevent.